Zoje ZJ9903AR-D3B/PF Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine

Supplied fully assembled on high quality Brinaco RU/C stand with castors and high quality European type table top.


1-needle lockstitch machine, needle feed, for medium and heavy materials. Equipped with automatic functions: thread trimmer, reverse feeding with programmed size of the initial and final bartack, foot lifter, needle positioning, wiper, programming control panel and integrated 3-degree, energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field. Machine with increased sewing field (distance between needle bar and machine’s arm is 30 cm) and closed, shortened lubrication circuit (dry needle bar) which effectively prevents fabric staining during sewing.

Model with energy-saving AC Servo motor, control box, programming control panel and power switch integrated into machine head. Thanks to the integration of all the elements the machine works quietly and without adverse vibrations. AC Servo motor saves up to 70% energy comparing to a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor. Equipped with vortex fan which sucks the external air and ensures more efficient cooling.

Bottom feed and needle feed (eliminates a problem with shifting of fabric layers to each other – especially when sewing long elements). Max. sewing speed 4.000 s.p.m., max. stitch length 4 mm, foot lifting up to 13 mm.

1-needle lockstitch for materials light and medium
Type of feed bottom and needle
Automatic thread trimming yes
Automatic needle positioning yes
Automatic foot lifter yes
Automatic bartacking yes
Wiper yes
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Type of lubrication closed “dry” circuit
LED lighting of working field yes
Max. stitch length 4.0 mm
Presser foot lift height 13 mm
Max. sewing speed 4000 s.p.m.
Needle system 135X5